Frequently Ask Questions

How long does it take to get my MyTrueBrand?

From the time we receive the narration that you approve for production, you can expect to receive your finished MyTrueBrand within 10 business days. There are three ways you can send us your narration:

     1. Write and submit it using the Design Step: 4 webpage

     2. Use the Design Step: 4 webpage to send us your notes and we'll connect with you live about writing it with you.

     3. Simply contact us and have us write it for you. We'll work it out together. There's no additional charge for that service. It's all about helping you reach your goals!

Can I make my MyTrueBrand any length?

Absolutely! Base pricing includes 75 seconds for runtime. This allows for 60 seconds of content and 10 to 15 seconds of displayed contact information. To add time, simply add 30 second increments to your cart when checking out. You can select as many 30-second increments as you like to reach your desired finished length.


If you don't know how long your MyTrueBrand will run, contact us and we'll help you estimate it. Generally, approximately 160 words of narration will equal 60 seconds of content runtime.


As a rule, we recommend keeping your videos under five minutes in total length to have the greatest potential for full viewership. By and large, the shorter it is the greater the percentage of full viewership. You can go deeper with your content the longer you go, but be concious of the runtime.

Can MyTrueBrand incorporate my own video footage?

Yes! Because of the complexity of integrating video footage into our digital videos for a video-in-video effect this is treated as a spot quote. Please contact us at with your particular needs, and we will give you details. Your video footage inside a MyTrueBrand video is certainly one of the most striking and impressive MyTrueBrand video styles!


How many MyTrueBrands should I get?

Most of us have more than one major interest or goal. We certainly have more than one thing to say. Often, our messages are relevant to different people. It’s always best to be very specific in marketing your message to a target audience. MyTrueBrand is the perfect tool for being specific. Get as many MyTrueBrands as you need and put them in front of your respective audiences. Discounts may apply when buying more than one! Learn more by contacting us at

What are the specs on MyTrueBrand media?

MyTrueBrand digital videos are produced in High Definition, typically 1920 x 1080 resolution. Digital video runs at 30 per frames per second, which makes the imagery very crisp to the viewer. Organic footage is often shot at 24 frames per second which matches the look and feel of 35mm film, giving the footage a warm look and feel.


Our standard specifications for Voice Over audio recordings are a 16 to 24 bit rate, 44.1khz. All audio is originated and treated from uncompressed, lossless file types for maximum audio quality.

In what format will I receive the video/audio?

Video is delivered in two standard file types: MOV and high resolution MP4. MOV is uncompressed while MP4 is compressed to save space and facilitate internet uploads.


If we are delivering audio only, we’ll send you both WAV and MP3 file types. WAV is an uncompressed file type, and MP3 is compressed. Both are standard file types.

Why don’t I get a physical product like a CD, DVD, or memory stick?

With electronic delivery, you can put your MyTrueBrand on any other media storage types you like. Giving you MyTrueBrand as electronic files actually eliminates steps in the duplication process since you don’t have to tranfser it from one media to be able to put it on another.

Can I record my own voice over?

Often, having a professional voice over talent represent your message is the way to go. They're trained in performance and technology. However, if you have the ability to record a quality voice over we may be able to use it! Contact us to discuss the option.


Do I own my MyTrueBrand?

You own it within the Terms of Use outlined here on the website. Use your MyTrueBrand in accordance with the Terms of Use and Liscensing Agreement. Use it to its fullest potential! Check the Terms of Use Agreement for any other questions you may have regarding usage or alterations to your MyTrueBrand. One must agree to the terms when purchasing a MyTrueBrand product.

Are there any legal considerations or restrictions to using my MyTrueBrand?

Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


How is MyTrueBrand delivered?

We deliver your MyTrueBrand electronically via FTP through WeTransfer. You will receive two emails from us regarding delivery.  One email is your notification directly from letting you know that your MyTrueBrand is complete and on its way to you. The second email is the actual delivery that will come from WeTransfer where you can simply click the link in the email and download your MyTrueBrand.

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