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Storytelling for Success:

The importance and impact of storytelling in business

By Amanda Schroth


                     In today's business world, technology has created an overload of information. More people are applying for the same jobs, attempting to win over the same customer or outshine the competition. It seems almost impossible to stand out inside of this globally connected crowd.

                     MyTrueBrand recognizes that you, as an individual, possess a story that is different from everyone else. Your story is the impact you need to stand out at the interview or to persuade consumers to buy. In the 21st century, you are open to more opportunities than ever before to share your story with your audience in a fast, original, and persuasive way.

The Evolution of Storytelling:

Its purpose in a modern, media-filled world


"We are, as a species, addicted to story." - Jonathan Gottschall


"… new media forms have the capacity to reshape our work, leisure, lifestyle, social relationships, national and cultural groups and identities."

                     Storytelling is part of our basic instincts. The need to pass on our stories has stayed with us, from the time of cave art to the Facebook status. We need to tell stories, and we need to hear other stories just as much.  As Peter Guber describes in his book, Tell to Win, "Built into your DNA is humanity's ten-thousand plus years of telling and listening to oral stories. The veneration of the story is a force so powerful and enduring that it has shaped cultures, religions, whole civilizations."

                     A proper story will tug at your emotions, stir up memories, and build a bond between you and the storyteller. As Guber states, "Non-stories may provide information, but stories have a unique power to move people's hearts, minds, feet, and wallets in the story teller's intended direction." MyTrueBrand recognizes that your unique story is going to persuade your audience. Our team and tools can take your voice and words and elevate them to the next level.


                     In the twenty-first century, the art of storytelling has a variety of mediums to be told through: video, audio, books and gaming. The rise of the Internet and social media allows a story to be heard by millions. One study from comScore showed that "85.3% of the U.S. Internet audience views online video. The total audience viewed over 50 billion videos."  Another stat from MusicStoreLive.com shows that their videos went from 50K in 2012 to 1.5 million views, increasing their sales by 813%. Your audience is waiting for you online, and with a MyTrueBrand video, you will be able to reach a larger audience than ever before.

                     In today's business world, 90% of people will make their purchasing decisions through search engines. In her essay Effects of Internet Connectedness and Information Literacy on Quality of Life, Louis Leung writes, "Communications media are so fundamental to society that new media forms have the capacity to reshape our work, leisure, lifestyle, social relationships, national and cultural groups and identities..."

                     Your MyTrueBrand video can be that fundamental media, telling and showing your story in a professional format that will influence and persuade your target audience.

Media Overload:

How modern technology almost killed originality


                     With the rise of the Internet, the access to create and share advertisement has become easy and accessible. It's no longer difficult to share your story, but having it heard and taken into consideration has only become harder. The difference between a successful story and one that gets lost with the rest is originality. MyTrueBrand can help with that.

                     In today's world, your story can be shared across multiple Internet medias: blogs, social websites, phone applications, and more.  Louis Leung writes, "The Net Generation, those born between 1977 and 1997, have grown up with the Internet and might be... more accepting of new technology, and more technologically savvy; their lives are more connected and reliant on the Internet."


"A commercial rarely just says that a laundry detergent works well; it shows that it does through a story about an overworked mom, rascally kids, and a laundry room triumph." - Jonathon Gottschall

                     That means a large percentage of potential employees or customers are searching the Internet, trying to find you, the one they need. At the same time, attention spans have decreased over time. The ability to speed through YouTube videos or scroll through tweets has made it harder to keep someone's attention for too long. After all, today's online business world is cluttered with unedited and unprofessional stories. As Peter Guber describes it, "the noise level of modern life has become a cacophony, the ability to tell a purposeful story that can truly be heard is increasingly in demand." With the help of our professional team and tools, MyTrueBrand will help your story avoid the cacophony of noise.

Speak Up:

Why Your Story Can Set You Apart


“The discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen." -Lee Iacocca

                  To break through the overload of media, it is important to find the right story for the right audience. A storyteller should entertain and persuade so that the audience will feel a connection. As Gottschall writes, "Business executives are increasingly told that they must be creative storytellers: they have to spin compelling narratives about their products and brands that emotionally transport consumers."

                   Story can sway your audience by using their memories and emotions, and video can make an even stronger impression. TheMarketingTrends.com writes, "People prefer to see and hear rather than simply read. Video appeals to the senses, making online video marketing the best choice."

                     To help you tell your story, MyTrueBrand has an easy to follow, interactive writing process. This system will help you discover your message. Along the way, you will also find your story organized and focused, so that it is tailored perfectly to you and your audience. As a result, your MyTrueBrand message will be an effective and unique tool in persuading potential employees or reaching out to customers.

                     The lasting impression your audience takes away after presenting your MyTrueBrand will make a key difference. Whether it was a fishing trip that taught you about patience or a community service project where you discovered the productivity of group work, this one story that once belonged to you, is now with your audience. With your narrative, your audience shares a lasting connection with you. And just like any good story, it will be hard for them to forget you or your narrative.

"Business executives…must… spin compelling narratives about their products and brands that emotionally transport consumers."


The Standing Out Solution


                     While fighting the overload of information, you should know that you are not alone in your journey. With MyTrueBrand, you can create your original story with the aid of professionals. MyTrueBrand is the next step in the evolution of storytelling, formatting your message with the work of video and audio professionals so that you can stand out from your competition. With it, your words can come to life, bringing storytelling to the next level. From the easy-to-use guidelines and the team of professional writers and voice actors, it will be your story presented in a creative and unique way. MyTrueBrand lets your voice be heard in a way that prospects, customers, and clients have never experienced before. It's your story that will set you apart; MyTrueBrand is here to help you introduce yourself to the world.


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