Step 4: Write the narration, the script, for your MyTrueBrand video.



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Part 1: What to write.


Your goal determines your audience. Identifying the stage of their relationship with you points to what to say. 

When your audience knows you, what you do, and how, convert interest into action.


For those who need more specifics, show what you do, how you do it, or what makes you different.

The best initial contact messages tell who you are and what you're about.








Deeper interaction



First interaction

What specific response are you looking to get from your audience, and how are you asking for it?


Is your audience well versed in your value and that of what you offer?




        YES         BOTTOM FUNNEL



Does your audience know you?


        NO = TOP FUNNEL


        YES         MIDDLE FUNNEL

Questions to consider:

Part 2: How to write.


The most common and effective ways to make your point are associated with stages of your funnel. Take a look.

Story engages emotionally in all funnel stages and appears most in the TOP and MIDDLE.






Advantage/Benefit illustrates your differentiators and is most effective in the MIDDLE stage.

Third party testimony is powerful in all stages and is often seen in the MIDDLE and BOTTOM sections of your funnel.



Eliciting A Response: often appears in all stages. If your target audience is in the BOTTOM of the funnel, focus on calls-to-action here.


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